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"Since 1986, dedicated to the conservation and protection of our underground resources."

TCMA Announcements

Election of Board of Directors for 2017. Read about the prospective candidates for the TCMA's Board of Directors and watch for the upcoming ballot. Be sure that your membership is current so you can vote!

Robber Baron Cave Open House Saturday, April 9, 2016 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

The TCMA has acquired Avery Ranch Cave in Williamson County.  Check out the Press ReleaseNew 12/29/2015!

The proposed 2016 TCMA budget 

For past announcements and website updates, check out our New's Archive page!

Latest TCMA Passage Newsletters - Fall 2015 TCMA Brochure in PDF Format Information on the LIDAR Project Capital Caver #4 in PDF format
TCMA Passages Newsletters in PDF Format TCMA Brochure in PDF Format LIDAR Project
TPWD's Devils Sinkhole
The Capital Caver

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The Texas Cave Management Association (TCMA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and management of Texas cave resources. TCMA supported by a wide cast of contributors, all of whom serve vital roles in preserving our Texas caves. Our membership includes landowners, scientists, land stewards, cavers, school officials, teachers, kids, and parents to name a few.

TCMA is one of 34 land trusts (organizations directly involved in protecting land for its natural, recreational, scenic, historical or productive value)in the state of Texas. As a land trust, we accept conservation easements, a tool in which landowners voluntarily place restrictions on specified uses of their property to protect natural, productive or cultural features. We are a resource of science, technology and experience in dealing with cave and karst issues, landowner relations, and management. Nationally, TCMA is affiliated with the Land Trust Alliance (LTA), Bat Conservation International, and the National Speleological Society. In Texas, TCMA is affiliated with the Texas Land Trust Council, the Texas Speleological Association, and the Texas Speleological Survey.

Founded in 1986, TCMA was the first organization in Texas dedicated to the preservation of caves and our underground resources. TCMA manages and owns numerous caves throughout Texas. Some of these caves are protected as home to unique and endangered creatures. Other TCMA caves are routinely used for a variety of purposes by cavers, the general public, youth groups, and rescue training groups. TCMA also provides management, conservation, and education information to individual, groups, organizations, and governmental agencies.


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