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TCMA Owned Preserves

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Deep and Punkin Preserve

Location: Western Edwards County

Year acquired: 2004.

Property size: 225 acres

Caves: Deep Cave, Punkin Cave

Significance: Two major, classic Texas caves; Deep Cave highly decorated; Large bat population in Punkin Cave; H2S origin probable.

Description: Deep and Punkin are located in a remote area of west-central Texas in the Carta Valley amid large ranches.  Both caves are interesting complex, multi-level caves.  Deep Cave is quite extensive with over 2.5 km surveyed and it continues to reveal major new passage. The cave contains vertical sections and highly decorated sections including the Forest of Columns and Helictite Room.  Punkin Cave has a 14 m free-drop pit entrance into a large bat chamber that leads to more than 400 m of mapped cave.  Many leads remain to be explored.  The property also contains a cabin that sleeps 10 or more. This property is extensively visited and very popular.  Since acquisition, there have been numerous work projects to improve the property, renovate the cabin, and continue exploration and survey of the caves.

Ezell's Preserve

Location: South side of San Marcos

Year acquired: 2004

Property size: 2 acres

Caves: Ezell's Cave

Significance: Diverse and extensive community of cave fauna; Home to Texas Blind Salamander; Direct access to the Edwards Aquifer; National Natural Landmark.

Description: Ezell's Cave is located in a residential neighborhood.  The cave is not extensive with only 80' of un-submerged Passage, but contains an important and delicate ecosystem of nearly 100 rare and endangered subterranean species.  With its direct access to the aquifer, the cave is an important scientific resource.  Visitation to the cave is kept restricted to protect it.

Godwin Ranch

Location: Northwest edge of Georgetown

Year acquired: 2003

Property size: 105 acres

Caves: Temples of Thor Cave, Red Crevice Cave

Significance: Endangered species.

Description: Located at the fringe of the Georgetown urban area, this property is primarily for protection of habitat associated with several endangered and threatened species.  Both caves are relatively small.  Due to the sensitivity of the site, visitation is limited to approved scientific research, monthly maintenance, and bio-monitoring.  The preserve manager is Andrea Croskrey.

Lost Oasis Preserve

Location: South side of Austin

Year acquired: 1993

Property size: 3.6 acres

Caves: Lost Oasis Cave

Significance: Endangered species

Description: Located in a residential neighborhood, Lost Oasis Cave is less than 20 m long and consists of a shallow room with numerous inactive formations.  Airflow from two small openings indicates that digging might lead to more cave.  The cave is managed as a biological preserve as it has a rich biology, including several species of concern, that need protection under the Balconies Conservation Plan.  Visitation is infrequent.

Lost Oasis Preserve: Management Plan - 25 Jan. 2013

Robber Baron Preserve

Location: Near-north side of San Antonio

Year acquired: 1995

Property size: 0.37 acre lot

Caves: Robber Baron Cave

Significance: Longest cave in Bexar County; Extensive maze cave; Two endangered species.

Description: Robber Baron Preserve is located in a densely populated residential neighborhood along a major street.  The cave has a long history and was once a commercial cave.  It is heavily visited and is suitable for a wide range of abilities including new cavers and children.  The cave is an extensive maze of more than 1.3 km of passages that is entered from the bottom of deep surface sinkhole.  The property is currently undergoing a major renovation supported largely through volunteer efforts and grants to restore the sinkhole and surface while making the property more attractive.

Rolling Oaks Preserve

Location: Far west side of San Antonio

Year acquired: 2003

Property size: 5.0 acres

Caves: Obvious Little Cave, World Newt Cave, Chimney Cricket Cave, Niche Cave

Significance: Endangered species.

Description: This preserve is in a low density residential neighborhood outside of the city.  All the caves on the property are very small and one is closed due to trash fill in its entrance.  The property was acquired from the US Marshals Service who had seized the property. Visitation is rare.

November 10, 2012 Workday Report and Photos

Whirlpool Preserve

Location: South side of Austin

Year acquired: 1989

Property size: 4.4 acres

Caves: Whirlpool Cave

Significance: Popular cave with largest room in Travis County.

Description: Whirlpool cave is located in a populated residential neighborhood near an expressway.  The cave is an occasional floodwater route and is generally Y-shaped with over 400 m of total passage.  It has long been a great cave for cavers and was the first Preserve owned by the TCMA.  The cave is the most heavily visited of TCMA's caves and is especially suited for new cavers, children, or as a fun, easy caving trip.

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